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How much to replace a windshield? Maybe nothing out of pocket

Windshield replacement can be no cost to you with Florida full coverage insurance

One of the most common questions we receive is, “How much to replace a windshield?” The Same Day Windshields friendly customer service team loves to deliver the good news that out-of-pocket costs can be absolutely nothing as long as the vehicle owner carries Florida full coverage insurance.

The key to all this good news surrounding how much to replace a windshield is Florida full coverage insurance. Florida law stipulates that your insurance carrier cannot apply your deductible to replacing a damaged windshield as long as you have full coverage. This pertains to any policy issued in Florida by an authorized insurance company.

The Florida Legislature passed the law in an effort to encourage vehicle owners to get their damaged windshields repaired without worrying about how much to replace a windshield. This makes the benefits of carrying full coverage insurance in Florida as much about safety as they are about financial protection.

Take the worry out of asking how much to replace a windshield

Same Day Windshields positions our mobile windshield replacement units throughout Florida. This enables us to reach virtually every location in the state and provide timely service wherever you are. This helps you avoid an unsafe driving situation, and your full coverage insurance eliminates concerns over how much to replace a windshield.

Many of our Florida customers find us by searching “windshield replacement near me” when the need arises, which puts them in immediate contact with our team. Our customer service professionals will ask you a series of questions about your vehicle to assess your situation and location. Please also have the following information ready:

  • Name of your insurance company
  • The company’s phone number if possible
  • Your policy number

We will even take the headache out of insurance authorization. Depending on your insurance company, we may initiate a three-way contact with your insurance company to go over coverage details on your policy. You also may need to verify some information with them. Same Day Windshields will work directly with your insurance company on payment.

Regardless of your situation, carrying full coverage insurance in Florida means you won’t have to worry about how much to replace a windshield. We guarantee it.

About Same Day Windshields LLC

Same Day Windshields LLC provides professional auto glass replacement and repair services for customers throughout Florida. Our technicians use mobile units to perform onsite services supported by the core values of integrity, accountability and quality. Our customers receive no-cost windshield replacement when carrying full coverage auto insurance in Florida.

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