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Replace a windshield easily with prompt, professional service

Same Day Windshields takes the hassle out of windshield replacement

Facing the need to replace a windshield is something no one ever wants to have to do. Airborne stones and other debris have their own agendas, however, which is why vehicle owners throughout Florida turn to the friendly professionals at Same Day Windshields to save the day.

The Same Day Windshields customer service team and installation technicians make it easy to replace a windshield wherever you are. Our mobile repair units will come to your residence, place of business or anywhere else your vehicle is parked. As long as we can access the front of the vehicle and someone is there to unlock the door for us, we’re good to go.

When you replace a windshield with us and have Florida full coverage insurance, you will have no windshield replacement cost out of pocket. (Quick tip: Contact us directly to avoid long wait times on hold with your insurance company.)

We can replace a windshield while you wait

The process to replace a windshield begins with a call to Same Day Windshields. Once approved by your insurance, here is what you can expect next:

  • We will schedule an appointment with you over the phone for a morning or afternoon time slot, and our mobile technician will contact you at least an hour ahead of time with an ETA to keep you updated. You can always reach out to us with any updates on your end, such as a change of vehicle location or to request a new appointment.
  • We’ll start with a general inspection and take photos for your insurance claim.
  • Our technician will use an extractor to free the windshield and lift it out of your vehicle. We’ll even take care of the disposal process for you.
  • Next, we’ll clean up any loose glass bits, and remove the moldings and adhesive from the vehicle frame. Attention to detail is a must when we replace a windshield, and beginning with a clean slate is a prerequisite.
  • A new layer of urethane provides the basis to replace a windshield. Our technician will position the new glass precisely, then reconnect the sensors, moldings and trim.
  • A quick signature from a person authorized on the insurance policy initiates the insurance billing process and validates our warranty.

While no one ever wants to replace a windshield, you can take comfort in knowing the Same Day Windshields team will make the process as fast and stress free as possible.

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